Ex Art Foundation and Visibility in Arts Festival

Part of the Civil Society Exchange 2018

Working field(s):
Art, International exchange

Capacity-building issue(s):
External communications

Ex Art Foundation and Visibility in Arts are together developing a model for gaining support from local and governmental stakeholders, building an inclusive and broader network with other organizations working in innovation and event design, and developing a wider audience in the Balkan peninsula. To do this, they are hosting two innovative events to showcase contemporary art and enrich and support their local cultural scenes on an international level.

Ex Art Foundation

Ivaylo Ivanov Vanya Grozdanova

Plovdiv, Bulgaria http://exaf.org/en/

Visibility in Art Festival

Sarp Keskiner Özgür Aydek

Izmir, İzmir, Turkey http://www.sanattagorunurluk.org/