Reality Check and İYADER

Part of the Civil Society Exchange 2018

Working field(s):
Anti-poverty, Gender-based violence prevention, Human rights, Public policy monitoring

Capacity-building issue(s):
Resource development

Together, Reality Check and İYADER are working to find ways to grow faster as organizations, and finding resources to increase their capacities outside of specific, project-based funding. They are pursuing and exchanging on resource development, fundraising, and organizational development. To this exchange, İYADER brings their expertise in volunteer involvement, and Reality Check their expertise in measuring impact.

Reality Check

Alina Seghedi Luca Oghina

Bucharest, Romania ​

İYADER (İnsanca Yaşam ve Demokratik Toplum Derneği)

Merve Simsek Zeren İşsevenler

Ankara, Turkey