TIAFI and Drei Musketiere

Part of the Civil Society Exchange 2018

Working field(s):
Migration, Working with Refugees

Capacity-building issue(s):
Funding strategy, Program development

TIAFI and Drei Musketiere have joined forces to explore innovative methods for encouraging and supporting Syrian women in Izmir to become more self-reliant. They want to develop a micro-finance program to allow women to set up small businesses. To achieve this, they are visiting several organizations doing such work across Turkey, and organizing a small scale workshop during which they aim to establish a seminar series at TIAFI’s community center in Izmir.

TIAFI (Team International Assistance for Integration)

İmge Özdemir Anne O'Rorke

İzmir, Turkey http://tiafi.org/

Drei Musketiere

Markus Brandstetter Betül Tumak

Baden, Germany www.3-musketiere.info