Parts of the Civil Society Exchange team at a meeting


Civil Society Exchange is a programme designed for civil society organizations and civil initiatives from Turkey and Europe. It supports the idea of a unified Europe through cross-border cooperation. We encourage civil society organizations to form and foster partnerships between Turkey and Europe and to work together in those partnerships on capacity building models.


The social, political and economic scenes of Europe and Turkey are changing. Societies in Turkey and Europe are facing social problems for which collective solutions are needed. Civil society organizations, as the gathering place of citizens’ collective minds, are part of the necessary framework through which solutions to such problems will be found. New times require new approaches and in order to adapt organizationally, new skills are needed. To meet these needs, civil society actors must be empowered and their capacities expanded.

The civil societies in Turkey and in Europe are, of course, not monolithic. With the growth of a variety of civil initiatives, the demands and needs regarding capacity building are increasing respectively. Learning settings and methods must be diversified. Besides the demand of the civil society organizations for tailor-made processes based on their specific needs, they welcome the idea of creating new models to develop their own capacities.


In this context, Civil Society Exchange invites civil society actors to share and multiply good practices on internal capacity building. We aim to strengthen the capacity of civil society by providing mobility and a space for mutual learning. We believe that working together will make things better. In partnerships, representatives of civil society organizations will work together for six months, visiting each other and working on their model together.


The purpose of the programme is to enable partnerships to work on one common organizational issue and to develop a model for themselves to implement in their organizations.

Example: If two organizations want to improve their capacity regarding collaboration with volunteers, they can apply and form a partnership to develop a process for working with volunteers.

If two organizations are fed up with writing proposals and would like to reach out to individual donors for financial sustainability, in this programme they can receive mutual support from each other in doing so.


We support the establishment of new partnerships and the fostering of existing relationships. We also offer the possibility of getting in touch with other representatives of civil initiatives.

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