Civil Society Exchange Partnership Program is launched!

The social, political and economic scenes of Europe and Turkey are constantly changing. Societies in these interlinked regions are facing social problems, for which collective solutions are needed. The uncertainty of the world in the post COVID-19 pandemic and expectations of a global economic downturn are just two examples. Civil society organizations, as one of the gathering places of citizens’ collective minds, are part of the necessary framework through which citizens can participate in the decision making processes where solutions to such problems are being founded. 

New times require new approaches and, in order to adapt organizationally, new skills are needed. To meet these needs, civil society actors must be empowered and their capacities must be expanded. Over the course of the years, we have experienced that providing organizations a space for mutual learning through virtual and physical mobility can be an effective method to empower them. Through mobility, civil society organizations across borders can come together and co-develop strategies to work on their capacity needs. As a result, we have developed a pilot for the “capacity building through mobility” model.

Now is the right time to share our learnings and methods with other network organizations to foster new collaborations across borders, to support civil society in Turkey and Europe and to multiply our impact.

In the next two years, we will work with partnering civil society organisations with the aim of co-designing and implementing four separate international mobility programs for capacity building between Turkey and Europe. Selected organizations will develop their pilot models, identify potential challenges and find collective solutions, improve their networks and reach local actors by the end of the program.

We are excited to announce our selected partners for the Civil Society Exchange Partnership Program 2020 – 2021:
Association of Local Democracy Agencies – ALDA
Media Research Association – MEDAR
Rural Communities Development Agency
The Belarusian National Youth Council – RADA
Troya Environment Association
Youth Organizations Forum – GoFor
Yuva Derneği

We wish good luck to all our partners during this journey and happy to grow our network.