Why We Joined The Exchange – New Perspectives

For us, Prathiba and Maria, it was clear after a short time that we wanted to apply for Civil Society Exchange.

We wanted to learn from other actors in civil society, to share our own experiences, and be part of an international exchange of ideas and inspiration. We were curious about how people in other NGOs worked, about the projects that they were imagining and creating, and about the concrete methods they had found to implement those ideas and improve their societies. Because our work is usually implimented on a  regional level, we were eager to expand our borders and broaden our network. With Civil Society Exchange we had the amazing opportunity to do this, and to become part of an international community of civil society actors.
For some time now the focus of our work has been youth participation. Through a unique partnership with an NGO in Turkey, we were able to exchange fresh ideas on best practices, methods, and actions for boosting youth participation, as well as to develop a joint project together. In addition to supporting our work, the partnership also allowed us to see the as of late tense relationship between Germany/EU and Turkey from a personal and human perspective.

Last, but not least, we applied for Civil Society Exchange to have fun and build relationships with other people engaged in civil society, and this we definitely achieved.

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Maria Fronz and Pratihba Singh are from the Eine Welt Netzwerk Thüringen (EWNT). They are participants of the 1st season of Civil Society Exchange. Together with Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) they work on youth participation.

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