Meet the team

Photo of Andreas Knoth

Andreas Knoth

Andreas is the managing director of SOCIUS Organisationsberatung gGmbH, a nonprofit consultancy based in Berlin. He works with NGOs and foundations in the fields of culture, education, social justice, and environmental protection.

Photo of Annegret Wulff

Annegret Wulff

Annegret is head of the “Active Citizenship” department at MitOst and Program Director of the “Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg.”

Photo of Evren Sener Ünal

Evren Sener Ünal

Sener is a freelance consultant, trainer, lecturer, moderator, and educational advisor mostly in the field of youth work, civil society, and academic life. He conducts various trainings on national and international levels.
Photo of Laden Yurttagüler

Laden Yurttagüler

Laden works in the Center for Civil Society Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses about civil society, participation and active citizenship, advocacy, and gender.
Photo of Marischa Weiser

Marischa Weiser

Marischa works in the "Active Citizenship" department at MitOst in Berlin. She coordinates the “Civil Society Exchange” and “Tools for Citizens” program.

Photo of Merve Seda Çevik

Merve Seda Çevik

Merve Seda works at the Center for Civil Society Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University. She is part of the coordination team of “Civil Society Exchange” and “Tools for Citizens.”

Photo of Yörük Kurtaran

Yörük Kurtaran

Yörük works in the Centre for Civil Society Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University and teaches in various undergraduate and graduate programs on civil society and young people. His interests include grant making, philanthropy, and social technologies.