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Media Research Association – MEDAR
Istanbul, Turkey

Media Research Association (MEDAR) aims to conduct training sessions, observation & research, present opinion pieces, curate theoretical & practical ideas deriving from the significance of mass communications tools for society. The association’s goal is to contribute to the rise of a free, independent & ethical media atmosphere as well as to gather qualitative & quantitative data on media professionals’ working conditions, media’s general operations, political & economic atmosphere to increase awareness in this field.

Association of Local Democracy Agencies – ALDA
Strasbourg, France

ALDA, whose mission is to facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society, is a key actor in the field of local democracy. Thanks to a network of more than 350 members, including local authorities, associations of local authorities, and civil society organisations, coming from more than 45 countries in Europe and its neighbourhood, ALDA has a long-standing commitment to promote good governance and active citizenship through decentralised cooperation and participatory processes. ALDA holds 20 years of experience in the implementation of hundreds of projects aimed at finding innovative solutions for today’s societal challenges and specifically related to the Agenda 2030. ALDA’s expertise touches a wide variety of domains ranging from the development of capacities of local stakeholders, migration, active citizenship, the empowerment of youth, intercultural dialogue and climate change adaptation strategies. field.

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