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Denizli Koruyucu Aile Derneği - RKC

Denizli Koruyucu Aile Derneği (Denizli Foster Care Association)
Denizli, Turkey

Social media accounts: @koruyucuaile

Denizli Koruyucu Aile Derneği advocates for a better functioning foster care system works for maintaining international standards for children benefiting from foster care and focuses on strengthening the foster carers in the city of Denizli in the Aegean region of Turkey. The association provides psychological, social, and legal support to foster carers in order to solve problems that they face throughout the process.

The organization is one of the leading NGOs in the country working in this field and supports the establishment of foster care associations in different cities in Turkey.

Rodinne a Komunitni Centrum (RKC)
Ostrava, Czechia

Social media accounts: @rkcchaloupka

Rodinne a Komunitni (Family and Community Center Chloupka z.s.) aims community development and supports children who cannot live with their biological families in Ostrava; Czechia. The association also works with people living in socially excluded communities, single parents, large families, unemployed people, persons with disabilities, and foreigners who need support to overcome their difficult life situations.
The organization provides consultancy including tutoring, lectures, psychological support, and social group work in their community centre. RKC is also involved in different partnerships in Czechia’s various cities, municipalities and regions.

We organized exchange visits to Turkey and Czechia to improve our capacities while working with volunteers. Denizli Koruyucu Aile Derneği organized a workshop called “We Are Planning Our Future” to focus on developing a long-term strategy of working with volunteers. A parallel workshop was organized in Ostrava by Rodinne a Komunitni in cooperation with experts on volunteering.

During the visit to Turkey, we exchanged experiences and ideas about CSOs and the foster care systems. Aiming to incorporate potential volunteers into the organization, Denizli Koruyucu Aile organized an event called “Garage Sale”

“We felt stronger after this project and we really focused on volunteering for the future sake of our organizations” Denizli Koruyucu Aile Derneği

“The most important thing we have learned is that we should provide space to the volunteers to express their ideas, and give them responsibility, not just little, insignificant tasks.” Rodine a Komunitni Centrum Chloupka z.s.

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