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Troya Environment Association
Çanakkale, Turkey

Troya Environment Association was established in Çanakkale in 2009. The association, which was founded on working on climate change and its impacts in the local and national area, has focused its activities on climate and energy issues since its establishment. The association, which prioritizes independence, conducts project-based studies. Financial resources are provided by the European Union, UNDP, Green Climate Fund and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Association.

Among the social issues/problems that Troya is working on are; to support local movements against climate change, to work to develop policy relationships between climate change and agriculture, ecological protection, air pollution, waste management and local governance. Troya Association has vast experience in organizing seminars, trainings, round-table discussions and workshops on different topics related to sustainable rural development. In addition, has decade long experience in the fields of sustainable agriculture, cooperative development, social entrepreneurship, energy efficiency and renewable energy, water & sanitation, sustainable management of biomass resources and community resilience to climate change as well as its deep understanding of, and close connections with, the local communities, civil society organizations and municipalities in the region of Çanakkale.

Rural Communities Development Agency
Misaktsieli, Georgia

Rural Communities Development Agency was established in 1997 by a group of small farmers, farmers’ credit unions and farmers’ co-operatives, CBOs and NGOs, which are the main stakeholders in its activities. The members of the organization are 1200 physical persons and 74 legal entities. RCDA envisions a rural community development in which organized groups of local residents, both women and men, are responsible stewards of their resources. As groups and as individuals, they possess rights of ownership and responsibilities, and utilize ecologically sound methods in producing, processing and marketing their products to maximize returns to the community.

RCDA aims to protect and promote international human rights standards and values, build and strengthen civil society groups in rural areas, and support rural poor, refugees, migrants, IDPs, youth, media, local governments, the private sector and other NGO/CBOs through advocacy, participation and educational activities.

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