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Are you interested in working on an organizational capacity building issue? Do you wish to foster your relationship with civil society organizations abroad? Do you want to collaborate with civil society organizations that face similar organizational challenges?

Civil Society Exchange invites civil society organizations and initiatives to form and foster partnerships between Turkey and European Union to strengthen their organizational capacity. During the program, partner organizations will work together to develop a strategy for tackling a mutual organizational issue, implement a solution for this specific problem and improve their internal capacity through cross-border collaboration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of an inspiring, diverse, and international community of civil society organizations and civil society actors.

We invite actors to come together, work on organizational development, exchange ideas and good practices, inspire and be inspired, and take the next steps towards stronger organizations and initiatives.

Go to the Apply page to learn more about the new cycle of Civil Society Exchange program and application process. Deadline for applications is 5 October 2020 CET 15:00.

UPDATE 02.10.2020: The deadline is extended to 12 October 2020 CET 23:59