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Civil Society Exchange Program 2017 – 2019 ended in the Spring of 2019. Starting with the application process, the first cohort started with the selection process in June 2017, the first Opening Meeting took place in Istanbul in July 2017. The partnerships designed their own tracks to learn from each other or from others lasted till March 2018. The Closing Meeting of the first cohort and the Openin Meeting of the second cohort took place in a ten day marathon in Paretz, Germany. The partnerships of the second cohort worked on their organisational development tracks throughout 2018. The Closing Meeting of the second cohort took place in Athens.

In total 34 civil society organisations / initiatives participated to the program. Half of the organisations were from Turkey and the rest were from Germany (4), Poland, France (2), Czech Republic, Georgia, Bulgaria(3), Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark and Greece. 17 partnerships were formed and 16 partnerships completed the program.