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Başka Bir Okul Mümkün - Ideas Factory

 Başka Bir Okul Mümkün (Another School Is Possible)
Istanbul, Turkey

Social media accounts: @baskabirokulmumkun

Başka Bir Okul Mümkün (BBOM) is an association based in Istanbul that aims to spread participatory and peaceful learning by focusing on early childhood and primary school education in Turkey. To do so, it provides support to the schools that were formed by cooperatives within their network. BBOM proposes an alternative by building a movement of parents, educators, children and volunteers who are striving for a child-centred, democratic, ecologically friendly and non-profit primary education.

The association also contributes to the transformation of the approach to the education system in the country. 

Ideas Factory
Sofia, Bulgaria

Social media accounts: @ideasfactoryassociation

Ideas Factory is based in Sofia. Its mission is to develop the creative potential for change in societies, communities and individuals through enhancing skills for collective learning, systematic thinking, social innovation and social entrepreneurial solutions. The organization’s understanding of social change includes interdisciplinary approaches for which they collaborate with artists, architects, designers, communicators, psychologists, advocacy experts, climbers, anthropologists, etc. They also have a mentor pool to support the network of social change.

The association’s expertise is in gamification and innovative instruments for civic participation that accelerate processes with visible social impact.

During the partnership we organized reciprocal visits. We both have had our own unique organizational problems, yet both of us are endowed with different tools, networks and capacities that enabled a beneficial partnership.

BBOM representatives had a chance to visit four schools in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas where we observed classes, conversed with people and documented the skills, methods and materials that they developed. Also, BBOM organized meetings with different schools and organizations in Berlin.

Ideas Factory visited BBOM’s cooperative in Bodrum. The visit was combined with an experiential training on the use of non-violent communication in personal and professional life, introduction to the basics of sociocracy in organizations and inclusive decision-making. Throughout the workshop, we decided to change our organizational structure and deepen in certain areas.

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