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Hayvan Hakları İzleme Komitesi (Animal Rights Watch Committee)
Istanbul, Turkey

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Hayvan Hakları İzleme Komitesi (Animal Rights Watch Committee) is an initiative from Istanbul, Turkey that defines all animals as individuals having rights.

HAKİM owns the principle of “total liberation”.The association argues that speciesism is a form of discrimination like sexism or racism that should be fought against. The association, as a result of evidence-based observation, reasons that speciesism is less common among children. Therefore model workshops are developed for children about animal rights and anti-speciesism.

Association Pour La Libération Animale (ALARM)
Marseille, France

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Association Pour La Libération Animale (ALARM) is an association in Marseille working mainly on anti-speciesism. It aims the abolition of animal exploitation. The team tries to promote animal liberation via education, and veganism as a way to achieve it.

They think many organizations working for animal liberation without inclusive activism may have the potential to regress the work of vegan anti-speciesism, and harm oppressed minorities.

ALARM organizes workshops, demonstrations, international meetings, film projections, and monitors institutions.

Throughout the program, the partners organized reciprocal study visits to France and Turkey.

The first study visit was in Turkey and focused on preparing a new workshop model about animal rights. The visit provided ALARM a first-hand experience about the culture, activism and animal rights environment in Turkey as well as challenges that HAKIM faced.

The visit organized by ALARM for HAKIM in Marseille, made both teams notice the differences of local regulations between countries, and the similarities of the obstacles they encounter..

The outcome of the partnership was the completion of the workshop called “Model of Speciesism and Animals Rights.” The workshop aims to underline the idea that life is connected and needs to be protected. It provides tools to raise awareness about discrimination and speciesism –especially– particularly present in mainstream media discourse. The workshop’s handbook is offered in English, Turkish and in French.

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