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İYADER- Reality Check Association

 İnsanca Yaşam ve Demokratik Toplum Derneği
Ankara, Turkey

Social media accounts: @iyader2014

İnsanca Yaşam ve Demokratik Toplum Derneği (İYADER) is established in Ankara, Turkey; and it aims to organize activities and projects for human rights on a national and international scale.

In accordance with its purposes and principles, the association adopts a gender perspective. Thus, it tries to develop women’ strengths, provide opportunities and encourage women’s entrepreneurship in various fields.

İYADER organizes gender awareness trainings and workshops for middle school and high school students in collaboration with experts. The association also aims to cooperate with young volunteers and activists and create a volunteer network for future projects.

Reality Check Association
Bucharest, Romania

Social media accounts:

Reality Check implements evidence-based advocacy to improve laws and programs in the socio- educational field. It also aims to help severely impoverished communities develop through direct work and mobilization of volunteers. It is established in Bucharest.

Reality Check’s mission is to improve public policies through applied monitoring, on the ground. Field monitoring of what works and what not, verifying how laws or programs are being applied on the ground and how public funds are spent, documenting problems, and identifying good practices are its main activities.

During the exchange process İYADER realised a visit in Bucharest with the support of Reality Check. İYADER got in touch with 4 different institutions working generally on gender equality. And also, Reality Check shared the methods of impact measurement that they used.

Before the visit, İYADER had a training about fundraising in Ankara; and within the framework of the capacity building activities, the association shared the latest acquirements with Reality Check. Besides that, after visiting Romania, İYADER prepared a brochure, including their activities, as well as places and associations they visited during this exchange project; and distributed this brochure during the final meeting held in Athens to other participant organizations of Civil Society Exchange.

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