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Jana - CIESS Foundation

Istanbul, Turkey

JANA is a program under C@rma in Istanbul, focusing on supporting refugee women to develop their own women-led businesses.

JANA targets disadvantageous refugee women, willing to earn a sustainable income but experiencing difficulties to do so. Since 2016, the organization has supported women to understand the challenges and realities that they face. JANA has been providing training and mentorship for financial literacy, setting up businesses, and entrepreneurship. They create communities and make them access to networks and tools to make them work independently.

Within these supports, many women have now progressively developed a sense of self-confidence in their ability to earn a living and the courage to push their business further.

CIESS Foundation
Toledo, Spain

CIESS was established in Toledo and works on the design and implementation of initiatives that reduce the vulnerability of groups having particular difficulties. The foundation promotes access to the education system and labour market for people at risk of social exclusion. They also encourage citizens to volunteer and participate, and intermediary agents of the community to favour the implementation of social responsibility actions.

The main contribution of CIESS was the production of social innovation tools such as Training Services: design of professional systems of individual support, Moviliza-t: application for the management of volunteering, Social Business Factory: a to support and protect the entrepreneur with disability or at risk of exclusion. 

We implemented two study visits. JANA visited partner universities and funding foundations (Santander, BBVA, etc.) in Toledo. As for CIESS, we went to Istanbul and Ankara to get in touch with organizations actively working on refugee issues and also visited the United Nations Refugee Agency and World Bank offices.

We built a consortium (in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University and other Spanish and Turkish partners) and were funded by the World Bank for a project called EKIP aiming to support refugee women setting up healthy food cooperatives.

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