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SGYD - Dreamers' Morning

Sağlıkta Genç Yaklaşımlar Derneği
Ankara, Turkey

Social media accounts: @sagliktagenc

Sağlıkta Genç Yaklaşımlar Derneği (Association for Youth Approaches to Health) was founded in 2015 in Ankara by a group of mostly young women working within the network of Y-PEER Turkey. The association has been working with young people in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as on issues of active citizenship, human rights and gender mainstreaming on local and national level. It is the one and only CSO in Turkey that focuses totally on young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. The association advocates sexuality as a significant part of human development and integrity.

Within the framework of its Peer Education Programme, the association reaches out to young people and provides sexual health knowledge –a form of knowledge that is not currently provided by the national education system in Turkey.

Dreamers’ Morning
Sofia, Bulgaria

Social media accounts:

Dreamers’ Morning works with young people and children in the 22 municipalities of rural Sofia region in Bulgaria. The organization focuses on the needs of youth participation in community life and youth empowerment where almost everything is run by “the elders”. The association makes young people care for their hometowns and aims to include them in decision making processes for using public spaces and organizing social activities.

Dreamers’ Morning is the only regional youth CSO active in Sofia region and it organizes workshops in different villages. The organization managed to get recognition by at least 7 mayors and the regional governor and to involve young people from Sofia as volunteers in their activities at least once a year.

Based on our organizational needs, we worked on developing a model that improves our internal capacity to work with volunteers. As an outcome of the visits and meetings, we created an orientation programme for new volunteers comprising a training programme, and an ethical code for volunteers and for the board.

We mainstreamed this new programme into our existing work to become more effective and inclusive when working with volunteers.

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