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Sanatta Görünürlük Festivali - Ex Art Foundation

Sanatta Görünürlük Festivali (Visibility in Arts Festival)
Izmir, Turkey izmir

Sanatta Görünürlük Festivali (Visibility in Arts Festival) is a performance arts festival with free events –encompassing different art disciplines. As a volunteer-based audience development organization, the Visibility in Arts Festival is held in various random locations by independent initiatives. It aims to remind the public that the artist-audience relationship has lost its intensity because of mass media, popular culture, and the monotonous and low-quality flow of information. The festival tries to re-establish the relationship and increase the visibility of the performance. The initiative involves itself in performances, productions, and workshops. It converts places and opens up space for contemporary performances.

eX Art Foundation
Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Underground is a festival that serves as a critical bridge between the local and the international art scenes and between performance art practitioners, activists, and enthusiasts held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The festival takes place at various places with the participation of various institutions and the independent sector, in order to highlight the variety of audiences. So far, it hosted around more than 100 performance art projects, 20 lectures and many public space interventions as well as informal meetings, public screenings, concerts and interactive installations evoking social change.

Within the framework of Civil Society Exchange Program, firstly, Visibility in Art Festival made a presentation and did a performance during Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival. Then, eX Art Foundation went to Izmir and together we developed the content of the festival called Bak-ış/ The Look. Bak-ış/The Look festival took place in Izmir from the 9th to the 21st of September 2018. During the festival, different workshops and performances were presented by various artists from all over Turkey.

Thanks to the exchange process, our international networking and collaborating capacity was increased.

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