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Troya Çevre Derneği - SIE

Troya Çevre Derneği (Troya Environment Association)
Çanakkale, Turkey

Troya Çevre Derneği works on climate change and renewable energy. The association focuses on how to diminish the effects of the climate change process. Lately, they started to work on renewable energy with a focus on energy cooperatives. They are active in Canakkale, a town that faces Dardanelles in the Marmara region. They have been contributing to the legislation processes of renewable energy cooperatives.

The association organizes projects about rural development and supports local citizens to access their rights to healthy and sustainable environments.

Spoleczny Instytut Ekologiczny (Social Ecological Institution)
Warsaw, Poland

Spoleczny Instytut Ekologiczny (SIE) is an association with 25 years of experience. The institute has been working on ecology, biodiversity protection and natural heritage; supporting sustainable development especially in rural areas; running and supporting various forms of ecological education.

SIE focuses also on senior people in rural areas who face social and digital exclusion, and supports young people who are interested in agriculture. The institute aims to eliminate the reasons for exclusion, to reduce the impact of exclusion, and supports young people for agricultural production.

During the exchange process, we worked on our internal communication and visibility capacities. The first event was held in Canakkale: Both teams met for a workshop that focused on the requirements of a possible new strategy for organizational capacity building. We also had the chance to visit local CSOs and cooperatives, and to meet representatives from several other organizations in Turkey.

The second visit was held in Poland and provided the opportunity to meet local organizations working on environmental issues and sustainability. Both visits were important for us since we could get in contact with international partners.


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