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Yereliz - Polis 180

Istanbul, Turkey

Social Media accounts: @yerelizdernegi

The association Yereliz was established in Istanbul, Turkey, and is one of its kind since it focuses on local governmental issues and youth participation. The organization’s main objective is to encourage transparency and accountability applied in local policies. It also strives to strengthen local governments’ and CSOs’ capacities in working with the principles of participation, openness, and anti- discrimination.

The association organizes capacity building trainings for citizen councils, CSOs and local governments, and implements research studies on monitoring and evaluating the performance of local governments for the application of aforementioned principles.

The association’s work contributes to the establishment of human rights friendly cities and neighbourhoods.

Polis 180
Berlin, Germany

Social media accounts: @polis180

Polis 180 was founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany by a team of young professionals and graduate students. It is a grassroot think tank about European and foreign policy.

Its focus areas include; European Union, peace, security, migration, digitalization and data security; and it endeavours to understand and shape foreign and European policy according to the perspectives, interests and values of the younger generation.

The organization aims to use innovative and interactive event formats, of fishbowls, teatimes, speed dating and storytelling events, public screenings and workshops. In the German parliamentary elections of 2017, its members organized a democracy tour which stopped in several German cities, conducted an analysis of the election programmes of six political parties, implemented an Instagram campaign, launched a petition and a postal vote online challenge. During the European elections of 2019, they also ran a campaign to inform and empower younger voters.

We decided to work on improving our advocacy and lobbying skills. The focus was on the method of storytelling in the context of policy making and engagement in politics.

We got practical tips and advice from the experts in the UK, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Georgia via face-to-face and online meetings. We identified the ways on how to use the storytelling tools appropriately in order to reach out to our target audiences, in accordance with our own organizational aims and objectives. We also implemented study visits, workshops in Berlin and Istanbul as well as the best practices conference “Global Vision, Local Action” organized by Yereliz in Istanbul, where Polis 180 was also presented. The conference aimed to raise awareness of best practices on localizing the UN’s sustainable development goals.


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