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Yuva Association
Istanbul, Turkey

Names of the participants from the organisation: Özge Sönmez, Ece Milli, Erdem Vardar
Social media accounts: YuvaDernegi
Instagram: @yuvadernegi

Yuva Association was founded in 2010 with the aim of generating holistic sustainable solutions to environmental problems, education, and social issues both in Turkey and in the world. As YUVA, we work to support the personal development of adults and young people through lifelong learning, to increase their awareness regarding the environment and to contribute to the eradication of poverty. Our aim is to provide a sustainable life for all living beings.

West of Scotland Development Education Centre (WOSDEC)
Glasgow, Scotland

Names of the participants from the organisation: Carolyn Wills, Diana Ellis
Social media accounts: Wosdec
Instagram: @wosdec

WOSDEC is a small not-for-profit organisation with the aim of transforming teaching and learning.  We work towards these goals by supporting educators throughout the West of Scotland to develop their skills in Global Citizenship Education, an approach to empower young people to act as global citizens, able and committed to shaping a just and sustainable future for all, locally and globally.  

CSEPP 2020/22 Program Experience

As YUVA and WOSDEC, we came together for the first time through a transformative learning journey NAMED BRIDGE 47 in 2019.  Later, we initiated an exchange program within the scope of the CSEPP exchange program to support the capacities of CSOs in Turkey and Scotland on climate justice through Global Citizenship Education.

Two NGOs each from Turkey and Scotland participated in the program. First of all, we identified the needs of these institutions on climate justice with the support of an independent expert. In line with these needs, our MEAL expert prepared a report consisting of 4 main titles. We also organized a series of workshops covering these topics. The key capacity-building areas were knowledge and understanding of climate justice overall, then specifically food justice, youth engagement in climate justice, and advocacy for climate justice. These 4 workshops were held by experts and institutions in their fields. Not only the participating institutions, we also learned new information and tools from these workshops.


When we first set up our program, we planned to make face-to-face study visits. But due to the covid pandemic, we had to revise our schedule frequently. On the bright side, it increased our resilience and improved our ability to adapt. At the same time, we have greatly improved our online training, workshop and meeting skills, both as executive institutions and beneficiary institutions. We learned a lot from each other too. With our latest revision, we organized a study visit to Berlin. While participants from Turkey participated face-to-face, our partners in Scotland joined online. Nevertheless, we saw in the outputs of our evaluation report that it was a productive visit for each participant. We had the chance to see and listen to both national and international institutions and movements. At the same time, we had the opportunity to create a network.

Our participating institutions organized events on Climate Justice in Turkey and Scotland with the mini-grants they received during the COP 26 process. They sent messages on climate justice to COP26 through activities such as workshops, trainings and short film work.

At the end of our program, we held a sharing and evaluation meeting. Our partner CSOs reported that they had learned new participatory tools and methods for exploring climate justice with community groups, new perspectives on climate justice – particularly the decolonising aspect and the relationship with the food system, new understandings of how to work with particular community groups – particularly young people and enhanced awareness of the importance of advocacy and new approaches to working with decision-makers.

We feel lucky and happy that we have experienced such an exchange program and managed to adapt despite a difficult period such as the covid 19 pandemic, and we wish our cooperation to continue in the future.


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